Unfinished Bookcases

Quality, solid wood unfinished bookcases in your home or office. Use them as part of your entertainment centers, customize them with glass doors, your color stain and more. These solid wood bookcases come in unfinished pine and other woods and can be found at our unfinished furniture store in Atlanta, Ga.

Unfinished Solid Wood Bookcases

End cap bookcases to finish off a built in look. Available with moulding to match your bookcase style.

Corner Unfinished Bookcases

Inside corner to wrap bookcases on 2 or more walls or as a stand alone, available with moulding to match your bookcase style

Step Back Unfinished Bookcases

Step back bookcases configured with desk unit.

Variety of Unfinished Bookcases

Step backs can have doors,drawers,or lateral files in their bases.

Face Frame Unfinished Bookcases

Face frame style bookcases, One or two center dividers are available.